The Locality Way

Buying and selling real estate shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

We’re committed to providing you a full service professional real estate experience at a reasonable fee. This means when you sell your home you’ll receive a comprehensive marketing strategy, an expert negotiator, and a person who pays attention to the details, but you’ll only pay 4% commission. When buying a home you’ll have a local specialist to show you homes, negotiate the deal, and guide you to closing, but we’ll rebate you 1/3rd of our commission.
Full Details of our Full Service Listing for 4%
Full Details of our 1/3rd Commission Rebate to Buyers

We'll tell you the truth, even if it costs us the sale.

We value our integrity more than a commission. That means if a home is overpriced, we’ll say so. If it has problems we’ll point them out. To us, we want you as a lifelong client, not a quick commission.

Data driven advice, not just a guess.

In short, we believe in doing our homework. If we give you advice it’s because we’ve looked at the numbers and made a logical decision. Granted, calculating the value of a home does involve some subjectivity, but through research and experience we’ll not only give you sound advice but also the data to back it up.

Local experts.

Neighborhoods change block to block and even street to street. Knowing these nuances, along with how they affect real estate prices, can have a huge impact on your success both when buying and selling. In addition, Agents who are neighborhood experts know the pulse of the market at a hyper-local level. For Buyers this means finding out when the market has slowed in order to get the best deal. For Sellers this can mean timing the market to get the best shot at multiple offers. Local experts also have the inside scoop on who might be putting their home on the market in the future which can be a big plus for Buyers in a competitive market.

No pretentious Agents, just nice folks.

Real Estate Agents are often ranked up there with used car salesmen as some of the most disliked people in America. Frankly, this is often well deserved.  All too often Agents are arrogant, pushy, and snobby – caring more about making money than doing the right thing by people. For us, we believe in treating all people with kindness, patience, and respect, even when a deal gets hairy. In the end, we hope that when you tell your friends and family about your Locality Agent that the words that come to mind are hard working, kind, smart, and diligent.

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